Creating Ambitious Students

We believe strongly that there should be no limit to what students can achieve, regardless of their background or any barriers that they may face. Being ambitious helps students achieve exceptional progress. Whether it be to university, employment, or training, it is our belief that if a student is guided and inspired to be ambitious throughout their five years at Harlington, then they will achieve their potential.

Creating Altruistic Individuals

Harlington students are part of a thoughtful, warm, and welcoming school and are taught to understand the importance of their role within our community. Our students are expected to contribute to the school positively and constructively; they are taught to understand the ways in which their conduct influences and shapes the experiences of those around them and so they act with generosity and in the spirit of collaboration.

Creating Accountable Leaders

We believe being accountable encourages self-awareness and honesty and that this quality is central to success at Harlington. Our students are helped to consider and understand the consequences of their words, actions, and conduct, and learn from their experiences. When students are accountable, they are more conscious of the connection between their actions and outcomes.


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Student Leadership: Head Students

As Head Students, we oversee the entirety of the Student Leadership Team. We work closely with the staff and student body to create a collaborative school. We meet with governors, support all the other Sixth Form Councils and oversee and attend all school events. Please feel free to speak to us around the corridors and email us if there is anything you would like to speak to us about at

2023-4: Katie Jones, Karam Binning, Ben Oxley and Moriah Olatunde

Student Leadership: Charity Council Leaders

Our main role is to organise events and raise money for a wide-range of charities. We will also hold regular meetings every Day 3 (Wednesday) so students can voice their opinions on school events. This year we have staff vs student football, Sickle Cell fundraising events and Christmas Jumper day planned. Any new ideas or if there’s specific charity, you’d like to get involved with please talk to us.

2023-4: Katie Osborne and Phoebe Creamer

Student Leadership: Environment Council Leaders

Our main role is to bring awareness to environmental concerns and problems and hold events on them. Our duties include Improving the school’s environmental impact, raising awareness about environmental issues in the school as well as in the world, achieving the Green Flag award for the school, lower school councils and events to improve and promote a more ecofriendly environment. This will include a thrift event in December and the big green litter pick.

2023-4: Megan George, Kiera Bird and Issy Feasey

Student Leadership: Student Leadership School Council Leaders

We are the lead school council team and we are here to represent the students and provide a voice. Our responsibilities include holding student council meetings to give peers an opportunity to express, relevant concerns, acting as role models to fellow students in terms of attitude, altruism, work ethic and accountability. We also use teamwork with you and our fellow leadership team to coordinate events to make HUS a better place for everyone. We meet in the Sixth Form Common room on a Day 9 and are warmly welcome to attend.

2023-4: Wendy Mulumba, Hameeda Begum and Tiah Patel

Student Leadership: Head Prefect Leaders

We work with younger students to support break and lunchtimes. Our main role is to facilitate the younger year prefects. This includes checking the younger year prefects are fulfilling their duties, assisting in organising school events, conducting interviews and providing help and support to younger students Being head prefect allows for the development of leadership and teamwork skills, across all student year groups.

2023-4: Melissa Brako, Melanie Ebanyat, Willow-Grace Morgan and Hannah Kamara

Student Leadership: Social Harmony and Diversity Council Leader

I am proud of the focus that school gives to diversity, equality and inclusion. Through my role I organise key school events that promote this. This includes Black History Month, Pride and Diwali in the Autumn Term. To support these events there are student dances, BHM Showcase, book readings and non-uniform days. It is important that all students feel included in the school and have a voice. The Diversity Council meets on a Day 9 in the Sixth Form common room and anyone is welcome.

2023-4: Lia Penaloza-Wilcox

Student Leadership: Mental Health and Wellbeing Leaders

Creating opportunities for students to understand that poor mental health can impact anyone either now or in the future is crucial. Equally, if this happens what to do and what support is available. Wellbeing impacts everything. Our roles therefore include promoting school-wide mental health support, acting as role models and to be recognisable and approachable faces that students know. We want students to know it is ok to ask for help and to talk. We offer a drop-in surgery to all students on a Thursday lunchtime in the library. We are open to more ideas from you and if you have any concerns regarding your mental health and wellbeing and need support, please email us:

2023-4: Abigail Flower and Anna Nyaongo

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