Ethos and Aims

The 3 As

Our aim is a very simple one: to create an environment where students receive a world-class, all-round education.

We build our school ethos around our goal to create ambitious, altruistic and accountable leaders of the future.

Ambitious – We strongly believe that there should be no limit to what students can achieve, regardless of their background or any barriers they may face. Our students strive towards their personal goals and make exceptional progress.

Altruistic – We are a warm and welcoming school, and our students are taught the importance of their role within both the school and the wider community. Students are expected to contribute positively and are helped to understand the ways in which their words and conduct impacts those around them, so they learn to act with generosity and in the spirit of collaboration.

Accountable – Our students are taught to be self-aware and to take ownership of their learning and of the decisions they make, accepting and learning from the consequences of their actions. Students learn to be reflective and thoughtful and become self-starting, socially responsible young adults.


Ethos & Aims

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