Child Development

‘Play is the work of childhood’
Jean Piaget

Our curriculum vision

The aim of the qualification is to inspire students to learn about the social, physical, and intellectual development of a child 0-5 years, as well as dietary guidelines and equipment children of this age require. Students will develop knowledge about the roles and responsibilities that come with parenthood- from reproduction and pregnancy- through to preparation for birth. They will understand how a baby can develop and thrive in the right conditions. Throughout the course students will acquire transferable skills in research, evaluating, communication, analytical and critical thinking. The skills and knowledge developed on this course will help you to progress onto further study in the care sector.

Years 10 and 11

Child Development is a great choice for those students who have an interest in children’s learning and development and wish to develop the skills they will need for further study and employment within the childcare sector.

With its practical nature, students can look at the ways theoretical ideas appear in real-life scenarios. This course helps students to develop independence and confidence in using their knowledge and skills relating to child development, the journey from conception to 5 years, and how to provide safe and nurturing environments for young children.


Year 10 & 11 Child Development curriculum map PDF


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