Modern Foreign Languages

‘The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.’

Our curriculum vision

At Harlington, our vision is for our children to have the widest access to the world through thought-provoking and challenging material in a range of foreign languages. We feel that this will enable them to be effective communicators, empathetic citizens, intellectually curious learners and economically mobile. We believe that an awareness of culture will help them see and experience a world without barriers and become global citizens.

At Harlington, we do this inside and outside the classroom through trips and visits to local restaurants, French markets, tours of Barcelona and Carcassonne and Enrichment options in Spanish and Mandarin.

Year 9

In Year 9, students complete their study of the National Curriculum for Key Stage Three in Modern Foreign Languages studying French. As part of the Pyramid Schools Trust, we work closely with our partner middle schools to provide enrichment opportunities using our fantastic Key Stage 4 and 5 students and staff to share the experience of learning languages.

Across Year 9 students develop their understanding of pattern recognition in languages, developing their understanding and use of key grammatical terms and functions. Embedded retrieval of previously learnt language promotes confidence in its use. Students are then guided to extend, develop, and use their existing knowledge in new contexts and to begin to manipulate structure and vocabulary. Students develop their use of every day ‘transactional’ language to enjoy expressing themselves effectively in a foreign language.

For students wishing to explore additional languages, an Enrichment option in Year 9 to study Spanish could lead to the option of GCSE when choices are made later in the year.


Year 9 French Curriculum Map PDF

Years 10 and 11

Opting for a GCSE in Languages is an enabling and exciting pathway to choose. Our aim is to work with our GCSE students to create enthusiastic, budding linguists, who are excited by the challenge of new, real-life contexts that are stimulating and relevant to them. In reading and listening, students are supported to engage with authentic material with confidence and to be able to write with increasing accuracy in a variety of styles.


Year 10 & 11 French curriculum map PDF


Year 10 & 11 Spanish curriculum map PDF

How to find out more – AQA specifications in French and Spanish

Be ambitious: Engage with the Super Curriculum


Year 9 Spanish Super Curriculum here


Key Stage 4 Spanish Super Curriculum here


Year 9 French Super Curriculum here


Key Stage 4 French Super Curriculum here


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