The Department has 11 science labs each well equipped to allow all types of Biology, Chemistry and Physics practical work to be completed. One lab has been adapted to be accessible to wheelchair users. The science department is aided by experienced technicians who support all of the practical work in the different disciplines.

Our vision

To promote high achievement in science through enjoyment, challenge and quality teaching

Year 9

In the first half term in science students follow a programme of study which allows them to develop/enhance the practical, mathematical and analytical skills started in middle school. Students will also have the opportunity to focus upon key topics which will be required for successful progression through the GCSE course.

Year 10 and 11

Students are offered the choice of studying Combined Science or Triple Science. The triple Science option allows students to study all three separate Science subjects and achieve a full GCSE grade for each one. Combined Science is worth two GCSE grades and combines the separate sciences into one qualification.

We believe that Science is for everyone and for that reason have made the decision to offer triple Science at GCSE to all with an interest in the subject, and not simply to those who are the most able.


CourseGCSE Combined Science
Exam Board/SyllabusOCR Gateway J250
Grade Equivalences

2 Tiers of entry: Higher (Grade 9 to 4)

Foundation (Grade 5 to 1)

Hours Taught (per cycle)10 hours
Assessment Route

There will be one examination series available each year in May/June.

All examined papers must be taken in the same examination series at the end of the course.


GCSE Combined Science covers aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics relevant in everyday life. Practical skills are embedded within the different topics covered with opportunities to carry out practical activities to enhance experience and understanding of science theory and skills.


The course is studied during both Year 10 and 11 with examinations at the end of Year 11. Leading into these exams students will be entered for either Foundation or Higher tier papers based on their performance in assessments completed throughout the course.


If students achieve good grades in the Combined Science qualification, they will be eligible to study A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry or Physics at sixth form. It is important to note that we would recommend that students wishing to study A-levels in Biology, Chemistry or Physics choose Triple Science as the courses cover a more extensive range of subject matter and are an appropriate course for students who are aiming to study sciences at A-Level.


CourseGCSE Triple Science
Exam Board/Syllabus

OCR Gateway Biology A J247

OCR Gateway Chemistry A J248

OCR Gateway Physics A J249

Grade Equivalences3 separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics each with 2 tiers of entry: Higher (9 to 4) and Foundation (5 to 1)
Hours Taught (per cycle)Triple Science is taught as an option and will therefore be allocated 15 hours per cycle.
Assessment Route

There will be one examination series available each year in May/June.

All examined papers must be taken in the same examination series at the end of the course.



GCSE Biology will enable students to develop their curiosity about the living world and provide insight into and experience of how science works. They will engage in everyday biology ranging from the global challenges of feeding the world through genetic engineering, to performing dissections helping them to understand the detail of human biology.


Chemistry enables students to investigate the properties and reactions of a range of elements within the periodic table. Students will have opportunities to grow crystals, investigate polymers and even manufacture a simple fertiliser.


Physics builds mathematical and experimental models of how the universe works including matter and forces, particles and energy, astronomy, waves and electricity. It is an important foundation for many careers including professional sciences and engineering.


Due to the extensive nature of the content covered, students will have to be committed and dedicated to this challenging course. The Triple Science course is available only as an option and students wishing to follow this must choose it as one of their options. Sufficient time has been allocated in the curriculum to allow students to fully develop scientific understanding and application.


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