Student Support can be found opposite the Café D’Art near the entrance from the Turning Circle where the buses arrive and depart.

Student Support:

  • Houses the two first aid rooms and is where any student should come if they feel unwell or are injured. It is also where students’ emergency medication is held, such as Auto-Injectors and Inhalers.

  • Is where students in Years 9 – 11 should come to sign in or out if they arrive in school after registration or need to leave during the school day. Please note that we can only allow students to leave early if they bring in an appointment card or a letter from home or if we receive a phone call to explain why they need to sign out.
  • Is where students from Years 9 – 11 should come in the first instance with any general enquiries such as room changes, lost property or any other queries. We supply holiday forms, temporary bus passes, replacement timetables, copies of letters home etc. We also have a small school shop selling stationery items.


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