Wednesday Enrichment

At Harlington, we believe in the holistic education of the pupils in our care. Academic qualifications are of course hugely important and rightly at the heart of the education we offer, however Harlington as a school is also about so much more. We aspire to maintain the broadest possible curriculum for our students and so our solution to promoting and nurturing what we value is through our Wednesday Enrichment programme.

On Wednesday afternoons there are no lessons, but instead a myriad of activities that we hope enrich our students, that challenge them to try new things and that will help them to develop into the leaders of tomorrow. All enrichment activities offer pupils the opportunity for non-academic structure and enable them to increase their social and emotional resilience through team-work and independent learning. All sessions require focus and commitment thereby raising pupils’ confidence and self-esteem. The range of activities on offer allow for all pupils to have the opportunity to experience activities not usually available to them.

Wednesday afternoons are unique to Harlington and sum up so much about what is important to us.


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