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Izzie – Personal

About Me:

I am currently studying A-level Maths, Chemistry and Biology, along with an extended project qualification at Harlington, while maintaining a national level in swimming outside school. I have aspirations to go onto Biochemistry then Medicine at university. I have been awarded the responsibility of head student; this includes helping all individuals across the school, and being a role model and a representation of a voice for others. I have been encouraged by my peers and teachers constantly through my years of Harlington which is why I believe everyone should equally be given the opportunities to express their capability’s while being determined to go further. For Harlington’s future I hope to transfer this principal to the people around me.

Ruairi – Personal

About Me:

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, along with working on my Extended Project Qualification – with hope to progress onto studying Neuroscience at university. I view my role as being a key figure in representing the students’ voice and have responsibilities in projecting a public example of Harlington’s altruistic values. My experience of Harlington’s exceptional teachers and support has resulted in the growth of my confidence and the achievement of the role I am grateful for now. My vision for the future of Harlington focuses on inspiring students with ambition and enthusiasm for the subjects that they love by increasing the chances for opportunities, experiences and roles our students can take on.

Izzie and Ruairi – Group

As Head students, many responsibilities within the school lie to us, and to the rest of the student leadership team. We often have to reflect and consider the views conveyed by the general student body and are therefore the key in influencing positive anti-continuity such as initiating changes within the school, for example:  refurbishing the sixth form common room. We also take the lead in organising many events, ranging from cultural to sports competition events. One of the teams universal aims this year is, due to the climate crisis, influence a ‘greener’ more sustainable school thinking about renewable energy and ways in which we can save it as much as possible.

We also believe that every voice of students and staff in Harlington should be heard, not just our own opinions. This why we always aspire to bring the best outcomes of decisions for what benefits the community of the school the most. We both strongly believe in a positive environment for learning and developing into young adults and we have been granted with these incredible roles and opportunities that allow us to carry through with these views.

Recently, we have had the opportunity to organise and arrange events in which the entire school will be participating in. e.g. Childhood cancer awareness week and McMillian Coffee Morning. We hope that many people will participate and engage in these activity’s as not only does it support incredible causes, the students have a chance to experience or learn about other topics that may have not directly affected them before.


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