At Harlington Upper School we believe that all students can be successful in an environment that is ambitious, harmonious and caring. We are an inclusive school that supports every student and enables their success, the development of their character and their wellbeing. Our students know that they are valued as individuals with unique strengths and potential.

We have a strong pastoral system that promotes our core values of tolerance, accountability and resilience. Our students are well behaved in lessons which allows all of our students to learn and to make excellent progress and they are considerate and polite around the school.

Our students know that they have a voice that is listened to by staff and students. We have numerous opportunities for students to get involved with the daily life of the school and to learn leadership and collaborative skills. We are particularly proud of our enrichment offer that enables every single student in the school to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities providing them with life skills, new experiences and friendships and fun.

We intrinsically believe that kindness and altruism are essential skills for our students and for our school. This enables our students to become intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent thinkers whilst building a warm and welcoming community.


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